Low-carbon steel can't be rushed, waited, and even more unreliable

March 14, 2022
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To achieve the "dual carbon" goal, we must base ourselves on the national conditions, insist on making progress while maintaining stability, and gradually realize it. You can't throw the guy who eats in your hand first, and the new guy who eats hasn't got your hands yet, that's not good. "
For the iron and steel industry, which is currently dominated by fossil energy and accounts for 90% of long-term processes, achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality cannot be divorced from reality and eager for success. Accounts, overall accounts, consolidated accounts, correctly handle the relationship between the current and the future, long-term goals and short-term goals, the whole and part.
However, not in a hurry does not mean waiting and procrastinating. This year, "promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in the steel industry" was written into the government work report for the first time, which is a self-evident signal of hard constraints to the industry. Undoubtedly, as a major carbon emitter, the green and low-carbon transformation of the steel industry has entered a critical period of "real swords and real guns", and it is indeed necessary to see, touch, and feel the actual results. From this perspective, our task of achieving the "two-carbon" goal remains urgent.
On the one hand, there is a profound green revolution that the industry must go through to climb to the top; The low-carbon transformation of the steel industry is undoubtedly a huge systematic project, which requires us to seek truth from facts, make overall plans, clarify our thinking, take the initiative to act, and be innovative and enterprising to overcome difficulties. In a word: "Low carbon steel can't be rushed, waited, and even more unreliable!"
Low-carbon steel is "in a hurry" and must be planned as a whole. The iron and steel industry must operate stably, establish an overall view, properly handle the relationship between development and environmental protection, make progress while maintaining stability, and achieve green and low-carbon development; According to the objective requirements of the development of the national economy and the iron and steel industry in each stage, comprehensively the development of energy-saving and low-carbon technologies, and promote the "dual-carbon" work in stages and steps.
Low-carbon steel "can't wait", we must act quickly. The iron and steel industry is currently facing the external environment of the industry with multiple pressures such as “double control” of production capacity and output and “double control” of energy consumption, as well as the unbalanced green development among iron and steel enterprises, and green and low-carbon breakthrough technologies are yet to be developed and applied, and synergies with upstream and downstream There are a series of problems to be solved such as the carbon reduction channel has not been opened yet, all of which require us to take the initiative to break down barriers and seize the opportunity. Whether it is to build a management system and production organization model with the "double carbon" target and task as the target, or to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, improve the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, or to promote the establishment of a collaborative carbon reduction exchange platform for related industries, explore new cross-industry The coordinated carbon reduction cooperation model of the industrial chain and the acceleration of the construction of an efficient and low-carbon circular industrial system must be planned early, deployed early, and acted early.
Low-carbon steel is even more "unreliable" and must be self-reliant. The iron and steel industry has developed to this day and has stood at the center of the world stage as the first major steel country. Decades of "practical" experience have already profoundly demonstrated that only by mastering the core technology in our own hands can we truly grasp the initiative in competition and development. , and the same applies to the breakthrough in "dual carbon" technology. Of course, we need to strengthen international cooperation, but the old routines such as extensive "bringing" and "swarming" "market for technology" have become taboos in development. We must adhere to independent innovation and actively explore suitable industries. The green development path of its own energy saving and carbon reduction has actually improved its own green development strength.
He Wenbo, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, former chairman of the board of directors of China Minmetals, and secretary of the Party Committee of the China Iron and Steel Association, solemnly promised that the steel industry is ready to pay the price in order to win the battle to defend the blue sky. Yes, low-carbon transformation is an important engine for the steel industry to promote high-quality development. We must fight this battle, we can afford it, and we can win it!